The Yoga Retreat to Spain was not just the most amazing holiday, it was also a time of immense healing. An experience I'm so glad I shared with many wonderful people. I came away with so much after the most perfect week, and I've been practicing a little yoga most days since.
Claire & Piotr were the perfect hosts, both there for you but also giving everyone their space. The location and food was such a treat and I've been eating vegetarian since.
The classes flew by, I must admit I was a tad nervous with 2 hour sessions ahead of me at a time, but they flew by and I was always surprised that the time had passed.

Siobhan, September Retreat Spain 2019

I’ve been on many yoga retreats but none as good as this one! Everything about it, (and I mean everything from booking, travelling, classes, catering, conditions and location, not to mention the excellent company) worked seamlessly and I returned home on a cloud of wellbeing.

I’ve been doing yoga for decades now but that doesn’t mean that I find it easy. As I get older, in fact, it becomes more challenging! However, Claire is the most caring and considerate teacher one could wish for. Her classes are always conducted with an even pace, an optimism that’s catching and a range of poses that are always adaptable to different levels within the group. The meditations are likewise well tuned to the mood of the group and to the needs of the individual.

La Brugherra itself has its own charms. The beautiful, extensive gardens provide ample scope to slope off for a quiet spell under the trees while the pool and the various seating areas are perfect for getting to know everyone. This is a part of Prana Yoga Retreats that needs to be mentioned. They’re always friendly and we always have time for each other, for the social side of sharing the experience.

Peter’s catering is excellent and he’s very generous with his support with bookings and organisational requests. In fact, as a team, Claire and Peter are the perfect hosts; professional, attentive, caring and yet lots of fun!

Eibhlin, September Retreat Spain 2019

What an absolutely wonderful experience with two amazing hosts in Claire and Piotr. Every activity was thoughtfully scheduled and flowed beautifully. I wouldn’t change a thing. The weekend was perfect and the location was spectacular. I would highly recommend this Kenmare yoga retreat weekend !!

Geraldine, March Retreat Ireland 2019

I really wanted a lovely and relaxing weekend away and I found it in Kenmare. Claire, Aine and Piotr are really nice and helpful. the classes are not difficult, everybody goes at their own pace, there is no pressure. The food is lovely, the location is excellent, very quiet in the wonderful county Kerry. If you are looking for an healthy weekend when you can take care of yourself, I completely recommend it!

Brian, March Retreat Ireland 2018

I loved this yoga retreat. I found it extremely relaxing and Claire and Pitor and Rupee the yogi dog made everyone feel very welcome and at home. The whole weekend was focused on relaxing and everyone was encouraged to do what they wanted, eg, sit around the fire chatting or go to your room to read or go for a walk. The location was very beautiful and I felt I was getting away from it all. The retreat house was cosy and the bedrooms were really nice with white bed linen and very clean! I would highly recommend this retreat to get a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reset and recharge your batteries! Thank you

Mary, November Retreat Ireland 2018

The Rest & De-stress Retreat provided by Claire and Piotr was amazing. Claire was so tuned in to my and others needs and ability that I felt completely at ease and comfortable in every class. Claire has a wonderful warm personality. She is so gentle, kind and she has a genuine love in what she imparts to all those who participated on this Retreat. The great dishes and food provided by Piotre were wonderful, tasty, generous and so fresh. My final thoughts leaving our lovely venue and saying goodbye were 'oh I so wish this could continue and I don't want to leave'

Paula, Retreat May Ireland 2017

A Wonderful Rest and Rejuvenate Retreat in a beautiful venue in the Irish countryside. Claire led a lovely relaxing retreat in a bright and airy studio such a benefit for the body and mind. Delicious and healthy food prepared freshly by Piotr. Evenings relaxing by the fire part of a small group lovely. Most enjoyable weekend.

Margaret, Retreat May Ireland 2017

This retreat was an enchanting and divine experience from beginning to end (sadly - it had to end!). From the initial booking with Claire I immediately felt comfortable, at ease and excited to be attending the retreat. Claire provided excellent information prior to the retreat and organised everything from airport transfers to payment so effectively. Upon arriving at the Mlyn, the tranquil surroundings, wonderful nature and location literally took my breath away and I instantly felt calm and content. Claire is an authentic and attentive Yoga teacher, assisting with poses when required and really helped us connect with the practice. She was patient, engaging and graceful and I am extremely grateful to her for creating such a revitalising experience. I left the Mlyn feeling invigorated, strengthened and renewed.

Amy, Summer Retreat Poland 2016

This yoga retreat was wonderful, on all counts! The sessions were varied, in turn challenging and nurturing, a balance of tests and treats for the mind and body. I arrived unwell and tired and left totally restored, recovered and relaxed. It was perfect - and a lot of fun! Claire is a natural teacher. Her pace is perfect; her diction is great and all instructions were clear. All the sessions were carefully planned and very well thought out. Claire is also patient and attentive, generous in offering one to one help and attention. In over thirty years of attending classes I've seldom met a teacher of her talent.

Eibhlin, Summer Retreat Poland 2016

Claire has a lovely style of teaching and really works well at modifying the poses to suit all levels in her class. For someone with a history of back injuries I really felt comfortable and safe in her class. She knows how to pace the class very well and instills the right amount of positive energy in a relaxing environment. I would highly recommend her class to any new or more experienced yogis.

Niamh B, Spring Retreat Ireland 2016